Instagram Idenity

For my personal Instagram account, I never put too much thought or effort into it.  I'd mostly post photos for my friends and family.  That was a lot of photos of Scooter and Kate, the occasional photo of the dogs, travel, maybe something artistic.  It was easy, because I really didn't care how people reacted.

Now that I've started a Theme Park Instagram account, I've really had to think about the site.  I am trying to figure out what Coaster Dad 7900 is and what it is not. I realize I am creating a persona for this account.

There are lots of photos I like taking at theme parks.  On flickr I just post all my Theme Park pictures.  I make albums of different trips and different parks.  I want to get an idea of how I felt at the theme park.  I like to take a lot of photos because it can capture how if felt to be at the park that day.  Some photos can stand alone, but other photos need the context of the whole collection to make sense.

I've been posting about twice a day on my theme park Instagram account.  I feel those images need more context.  You have to be able to tell from looking at when they see a single photo without any additional photos. I want the photos to be colorful and dynamic.  I want my followers to think the photos are fun.

I see some Roller Coaster photos on Instagram and I don't like the aesthetics.  Many are too far away or uninteresting.  They are often letting the frame be too large.  What I don't know is what the roller coaster fan audience think of these photos.

It is interesting to see how my thoughts and rules I sent for myself change over time.  I want to be able to get out and photograph more theme parks and roller coasters over time.  Right now I have to use my pool of photos I shot before this project started.  


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