Roller Coasters in the time of COVID-19


I've rode 4 roller coasters about a 10 times this year.  I got three great rides on RailBlazer and one on Patriot at the Great America Season Pass Holders Announcement Party. My one new roller coaster credit was on Road Runner Express at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. My first credit of the past three years has been the Pacific Fruit Express at Happy Hollow.

It hit me the other day that I might not ride another roller coaster this year.   There is a chance I won't ride another roller coaster until after my birthday in 2021. I know that Great America and other parks have pushed their reopening back to mid-May.  There is part of my brain that makes me think it could be longer. This realization makes me sad.

I know the President wants everyone to start getting out there again on Easter day, but I am not optimistic about that.  

I know this is a new hobby in my life.  It was in 2018 I really started going to amusement parks.  It is the combination of fatherhood and weight loss made me interested in amusement parks in my mid-40s. Around Scooter's second birthday we went to Disneyland for the first time.  We had a really good time.  After that we got a Season Pass to Great America.  We've been going to theme parks ever since that.

I set the 2020 goal to ride 30 roller coasters this year, half of them to be new to me.  We also booked a vacation to Legoland and Disneyland for April. We have not canceled this trip yet, but I have the feeling we will be doing it shortly.  If given a choice I'll be rebooking this trip later in the year if given the choice.  I've also been planning a trip to Magic Mountain for this year.

Right now I miss taking my lunch at Great America and getting a roller coaster.  


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