Post Covid-19 Coaster Wish List.

I know that most people do Bucket List Coasters are the most excited to ride.  The top coasters for them to ride.  A litst of the best of the best.  I am going to do it a little differently.  I am going to do different buckets into different categories.

I only got to ride 4 Roller Coasters in 2020.  Currently there are no Roller Coasters open in California. My home park, California's Great America, just announced they will not be opening in 2020. I have no idea when I'll get to ride another Roller Coaster this year.  I cannot imaging the idea of traveling to another state for a theme park.   

Likely Visits

Giant Dipper at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk - Santa Cruz - This is the closest roller coaster to me that I have not rode yet.  I didn't get around to it last summer.  The coasters were not operating in the winter.  I might need to play hooky some day after it is rolling again.  (3 Needed Credits)

Quicksilver Express at Gilroy Gardens - I think the roller coasters where will wait until Scooter is large enough to ride these coasters.  Last winter he was almost tall enough Gilroy Gardens.   As soon as Scooter is 42 inches we will go to Gilroy Gardens. It will have to wait until till 2021. (2 Needed Credits)

V2: Vertical Velocity at Six Flag Discovery Kingdom - I didn't get to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom last season.  I've gone a couple of times in 2020, but Scooter has been with me and we have If we are out and about by my birthday,.  I am not sure I could get all ten roller coasters in this park in one day.   (9 Needed Credits)

Goofy's Sky School at Disney California Adventure - This is the only Disneyland credit I still have to collect.  I know we will take a trip to Disney in the future.    I will make a point to getting on this ride at the start of our visit.  (1 Needed Credits)

Ghost Rider at Knotts Berry Farm - Knotts Berry Farms is on the top of my list of parks to visit at the end of Covid-19 closures. I didn't get to ride any roller coasters on our trip to Knotts Berry Farm in November.  If I visit our office in Carlsbad, I might be able to Knotts Berry Farm after work for the night. If I only have time for one coaster, it is Ghost Rider.  (10 Needed Credits) 

Hopeful Visits

Coastersaurus at Legoland California - We had a trip to Legoland planned for April, but it never happened.  This is on my list of one of the next trips I want to take.  It broke Scooters heart when I told him the trip was called off.  I want to make good on this trip.    (3 Needed Credits)

Giant Dipper at Belmont Park, San Diego - God knows when I'll take a business trip to San Diego again.  Giant Dipper would be an easy roller coaster to get on and ride once.  I could do it on my way to the airport.  (1 Needed Credit)

West Coasters Racers at Six Flag Magic Mountain - This park currently has 19 roller coasters, that is the most coasters at any part in America.  Andrew and I are thinking about a trip there for boys weekend and I still want to take that trip someday. I think we will still take this trip in 2021 if we can.  I am not sure we can get all the credits in one day.  The good news is if I get a season pass for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom it will also cover (19 Needed Credits) 

Aspirational Visits

Whistle Punk Chaser at Dollywood - I have family in eastern Tennessee. One trip on the board is to take Kate and Scooter to visit my cousins they have never met.  If we do this, a stop at Dollywood would be a good part of the trip.  (9 Needed Credits)

Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure - I think we will not make it to Great Adventure for five or six years on the current planning on trips to PA.  My goal is for us to go to a different amusement part with every trip back to see my family.  If we go to Great Adventure, I'll be riding Kingda Ka.  I just have to, There is no other choice. (12 Needed Credits)

Merlin's Mayhem at Dutch Wonderland - This might be a better park to take Scooter to when he is 6 years old.  I bet I could ride all of these in one day.  (3 Needed Credits)

Copperhead Strikes at Carowinds - I saw a YouTube video about Copperhead Strikes from OkayCoasters.  Just seeing this video makes me want to ride  (14 Needed Credits)

Talon at Dorney Park - I need more inverts in my life. I am not sure when we will get there on a future trip to PA.  It might be until Scooter is older.   (6 Needed Credits)

Dream Visits

Gravity Max at Discovery World - This is just a crazy roller coaster.  It is one of those things you need to experience just once in your life.  I also love Taiwan.  I hope to take Kate and Scooter on a trip there one time.  If so, I'd love for this to be part of the trip.  (2 Needed Credits)

Saw the Ride at Thrope Park - I saw one photo of this roller coaster on my instagram feed. The car looked like it was pointed straight down.

Formula Rossa at Farrari World Abu Dhabi - When you see photos of this roller coaster you just think, "What is that like"? You have to wear safety goggles to ride this.  I have to try that.  I'm not sure when I'll get to Abu Dhabi


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