Instagram Post Cycle

 The IG Grid

I think about how I select my Instagram photo for my Coasterdad7900 account.  I use a few flickr albums to stage my photos before I post them.  After I post them I post them in a different album.   So far I think I've posted photos from 21 different theme parks and carnivals in 90 different posts.

At some point I decided that I needed to set some rules for what I post.  The number one rule is I try not to post from the same park in the last 12 posts.  Before Shelter in Place I was posting twice a day, but since Shelter in Place I've been posting once a day.  I can break the rule if I'm visiting a part that day or the day before.  If I'm visiting a park I can post a few photos in a row from that park. 

For the rest of the year that means I have 22 cycles of twelve photos, If I post once a day.   I have thousands of photos from California's Great America, Disneyland, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Disney California Adventure, and Happy Hollow.  The next tier down is San Jose Christmas in the Park, Santa Clara County Fair, Knotts Berry Farms, Sesame Place, and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  I have a hand full photos from other carnivals and small parks.

I look forward to taking photos and new amusement parks, but for now I have to work through my archive.  I hope people enjoy my old photos. 


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