Odd Theme Park Fascination

Mass Effect: New Earth

I am fascinated by the idea of intellectual property in theme parks.  Especially failed concepts, failed rides, and expired licenses.   I have no idea is there is a good source for these things.  I am not sure if there is a version of Roller Coaster Database for other theme park rides and attractions.  Right now I learn about most HR Pufnstufw At Six Flags, Star Trek at Paramount Parks, and the Smurfs at Taft Parks is via YouTube.

I found this list of items on Wikipedia, but it is far from complete.  It does not have Dorney Park at all, so this is just the tip of the Iceberg of information.  It is interesting to see how some intellectual property has a longer shelf life than others.  Is there a day when Six Flags will get rid of DC Comics or Looney Tunes?  Can Snoopy be forgotten if there is no new Peanuts strips? Will Disney have to rebrand Carsland in the far future?  These are all interesting things to think about.

The Nickelodeon at theme parks has a strange history. Once a show goes off air, how does that impact how well know the character is known? Would kids now know who Jimmy Neutron is?   It shows how licensing can be a strange business.


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