How my Daydreams have changed

I don't want to assume everyone daydreams the same way.  Over the last couple of years, when my mind wonders I usually think of a place, walking down a street, in a park, or is seeing a vista that made an impression one me.  Six months ago I'd daydream about Taiwan, San Diego, Portland, Philadelphia, Prague, Seattle, Venice, Disneyland. 

I daydream, thinking about the next time I can travel to these places.  Thinking about what I will see the next time I'm there.  Thinking about what I'll see for the first time.  I think about just wondering on a street.  I daydream, I guess it reminds me of what I want to do more often in my life.  My daydreams usually make me want to travel. 

Lately I've been day dreaming of walking around the mall, sitting at my favorite Starbucks, wondering around the library, visiting the zoo, being in line for a roller coaster.  My daydreams now wants my life to get back to normal.  I know that malls are starting to open back up in my area, but I can't bring myself to just walk around the mall.  Maybe some time in the future. 


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