2020 Goals Round Up

 Thank You


 I was able to achieve 2 of my four goals for 2020.   Yes it was pandemic shutdown that got in the way of me achieving my goals.  Saying so close to home it was hard to average 12,000 steps a day.  This was in my control, but I just could not hold myself to it.  For the most part I was happy when I could get 7,000 steps a day.  When I got 11,000 it was a very good day.  I will have to work on improving it in 2021.

I would have to leave the state and got to several other states to ride 30 roller coasters.  Maybe I could have taken a trip to Magic Mountain in February, but I didn't think we would be on lock down for the rest of the year.  If I want to run this one back, I will have to wait to see how Covid-19 treats us.  I am not sure when we will the local theme parks will open again.  If I can, I plan on going on trips to Magic Mountain, Knotts Berry Farm, and a few more. I will try to get those 30 Roller Coaster credits this year.  As least I know Scooter is tall enough to get more credits with me this year.  I look forward to riding the Psycho Mouse and Sierra Sidewinder with him. 

I was able to bike over 1661 miles.  This went beyond my goal by more than 200 miles.  This was without commuting to work 100 times, which was the assumption of my goal.  I set a new goal for the next year that does not depend on riding to work.  

 Taking a photo everyday was easy, as long as I remember to get one tomorrow.  

I have a few days to figure out if I have any other goals for 2021


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