125 Roller Coaster Challange

 Coaster from Below

I started listening to the Trimmed and Stapled Podcast which is the podcast for the 125 Roller Coaster Challenge.  It is a fun podcast about theme parks and roller coasters.  I like that they seem to like all the aspects of theme parks and not just the roller coasters.  There is something about listening to a podcast out of central Pennsylvania warms my heart.

I just made a post about how I plan on getting 30 new roller coaster credits this year. Listening to this podcast made me think of what I would have to do to get 125 coaster credits in a season.  I If I was going to do this in one year, it would be tricky.  I'm looking at this right, I think it would take me at least ten weekend road trips to do this.  If I took a week long coaster trip I might be able to do this.  

Below is one version of how I could ride 125 coasters in a year.  Let me know if there are other trips I should think about. 

Using the Roller Coaster Data Base for the credits list.   

Local Credits: 25 Credits

Happy Hollow Park and Zoo (1 Credit)
California's Great America
(8 Credits)
Oakland Zoo
(1 Credit)
Gilroy Garden
(2 Credits)
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
(10 Credits)
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
(3 Credits)

Driving Distance Credits: 42 Credits

Disney California Adventure (2 Credit)
(4 Credits)
Knott's Berry Farm
  (9 Credits)
Six Flags Magic Mountain
(19 Credits)
Universal Studios Hollywood
(2 Credits)
Pacific Park (1 Credit)
SeaWorld San Diego (4 Credits)
Belmont Park (1 Credit)

Long Road Trip Credits: 86 Credits

- Ceder Point (17 Credits)
- Kings Island (14 Credits)

- Dorney Park (7 Credits)
- Great Adventure (12 Credits)

- Hershey Park (14 Credits)
- Knoebels (6 Credits)

- Lagoon (10 Credits)

Silverwood (6 Credits)


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