Road to 30 Coaster Credits in 2021

 In the Station

I am rolling over my 2020 goal of getting 30 new Roller Coaster coaster.  If I am going to have 100 credits when I turn 50, I'll have to collect more this year.   I am using Roller Coaster Data Base for the credits list.   God willing the theme parks in California will be open this year. There are some coasters in the Bay Area I have not picked up yet.  To do think I will also need to pick up credits outside the bay area.  If you look at the list below you will see more than 30 credits.  It might take more than one trip to any park to pick up all the credits.  If I can get to the parks below, I think I can hit my goal. 


Gilroy Garden (2 Credits)

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (10 Credits)

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (3 Credits)

Disney California Adventure (1 Credit) 

Knott's Berry Farm  (9 Credits)

Six Flags Magic Mountain (19 Credits)

Dream Trips

Lagoon (10 Credits) - I think this would be a fun park to visit with the family.

Silverwood (6 Credits) - I would love to use my Southwest miles to get a ticket to fly to Idaho,


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