When did this thing start

Costco At the Start

We have been in Shelter in place for almost a year now.  From time to time people will ask, when did this all start.  We looked back at 2020 there are lots of different dates to choose from.  I looked at my flickr time stream and picked out a few different things I did for the last time.   I will have to come back to this list once I get to do these things again.  

Update: I heard people today talking about #themoment.  I really think the moment was here shopping at Costco, trying to make sure I had enough protein in case stores shut down for weeks.  That was the day we were told our office was closing.  

Last time we ate at a restaurant March 14
Last normal day in the office March 12
Last time I saw in a Starbucks March 10
Last time I road a Roller Coaster March 8
Last time I went to Great America March 5
Last time I shook a strangers hand March 5
Last time I did a normal friend hangout March 5
Last time we went to an indoor Playground March 1
Last time I went to an arena/public event (Disney on Ice) February 21
Last time I went to a wrestling show February 7
Last time I was in someone else's house January 26
Last time I was on an airplane December 11, 2019

Is there anything else I should add to this list?  


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