Ebike Update

Bike Shadow

I noticed today I can get up to 19 miles per hour on the Tour (second) level on my new ebike. Doing this on flat ground would have been really hard on my Lift Plus.  This means I'll be going a lot faster, when when in lower levels of boost.  I feel this is pretty cool.

One of the reason I picked by bike, it because it supports a phone connected hub and app, As I've been riding I've been trying to learn the program better.  After using it for a few days I can tell they have been trying to get more used to it.  

I can link the ebike app directly to my Strava account.  My new bike does not have the same tracking miles and time written the same way.  I will have to use Strava and Google Sheets to track some of the info I want to track.  

There is a fitness screen on the ebike app.  It will display how many watts I'm generating or how many revolutions per minute I'm peddling.   This is a good reminder if I should be working harder on the bike.  For now my bike rides are my primary workout.  I am a little upset that I cannot link my Fitbit to the app to record my heart rate.  I have to decide if I want to buy another heart monitor for the bike.  

Maybe I'll have to write a review of the app and the bike.  



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