100 Photos 2021 - Playgrounds

Play Structure

In 2021 I did the 100x photo project for the second year in a row. 

Play Structure

Last year I took photos of bark for this project.  

March 28: Playground Train - Number 87

I took me a while for me to figure out my subject for the project.  

October 13: Playground Xylophone  - Number 286

I most have gone to playgrounds 100 time in 2021. 

Playground tunnel 

There was a time where going to the playground seems like the only place my son and I could go to get out of the house.

Mushroom stepping stones 

It seemed like it was the right subject for this project. 


I think we have visited at least 20 playgrounds in six cities.

Spring Snail 

I must have taken 1000 photos to get this 100 photos. 


 I think my subject for 2022 will be bicycles. 


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