2021 Year in Review

A Weary World

I know this is not the way the most of the world works.  Media outlets like to sum up the year in December.  I like to sum up the previous year in January.  There are two reasons for this, one the books are not closed until January 1.  There are still things for me to do through December, like ride new roller coasters.  The second is December is super busy in my life.  I don't have time to collect everything up until now.  

I am not sure what to say about 2021.  It was better than 2020, it differently ended better, but with Covid 19 not going away and the uncertainty brought by omicron and future variants, it is hard to say the future looks brighter.  If feels like there are always more shoes to drop. 

The low point of the year was doing kindergarten via zoom.  There were days that were most definitely the three of us felt like nothing was going right.  We had some good times, staying at the Dream Inn Santa Cruz was great for spring break.  Being in school in person is great for Scooter.  Seeing Kate's Dad every other weekend has been enjoyable.  

It has meant so much to me to be able to eat out with Kate.  When Scooter started school we had the chance to eat breakfast and lunch, mostly outdoors.  It was something we needed, just the time to sit and talk with each other.  

I keep on thinking about Chinese New Year 2022, that will mark two years from when I first heard about COVID19.  I remember telling someone I work with to be safe and take care of themselves.  I never thought it would get to the US and impact us.  I feel like a fool when I think about that moment.  I guess we all feel that way some times. 


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