2021-2022 Bike Goal One Achived

Parked at Home Depot

My bike year is kind of like a fiscal year. It Goes from the start of October to the end of September the following year.  I do this because I've purchased my last two bikes during October. (My old bike was stolen last October.) I only set one goal for this bike year, to replace 52 car trips with bike trips.  I achieved this today.  

The odd thing is this is really hard to measure.  There are times I might go our more often just so I can use my bike.  Of these 52 trips, they might not have all been car trips.  I might go out more often on the bike because it gets me some exercise.  There is no good way to really measure this.   

Next Goals: 

  • Visit 100 locations when I'm replacing car trips.  I'm not far from this right now.  I've visiting 91 location in my 52 bike trips so far.  This one will happen this year
  • 52 bike trips on my new ebike.  This will also happen this year.  I'm currently at 41.  
  • 100 Car trips replaced - This will be much harder.  I think there is a 50 present chance of this happening.  
  • 1000 miles replaced car miles - This might happen because I've been going to the office once a week. That is a 20 mile round trip I could get up to 1000 in a few months. 

 I love riding my bike.  I wish was life was constructed that I didn't need a car.  That is not going to happen, so I have to ride my bike when I can. 


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