Flickr Tag: San Jose

January 20: Glass - Number 20

San Jose is a tricky Flickr Tag for me.  I have over 65,000 but I have no idea if that is an over count or an under count of photos.    I have not always used the same rules for this tag over time.  I am not sure how I want to use it.  If I tag every photo taken in San Jose this tag will not be very useful for me.  Even outdoor photo I take in San Jose would make this tag less useful.  I take so many pictures while biking, there are lots of meaningless photos that would have this tag. 


I want my San Jose photos to mean something.  San Jose has been my home for over 20 years.  It has a special place in my heart, like all the places I've lived.  It is a large place with so many different aspects to it.  Even after 20 years, I'm always learning more about this city and learning there is so much I'll never know.  

May 14: Grass

 If I pick the best photos to have this tag, I'll miss so much.  I'll miss photos I don't realize are important.  I would miss the parts of San Jose I live in everyday. 

Mini Golf Landscape


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