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For a couple of reasons, my Nikon D7500 has become my most used camera ever.  I over over 100,000 photos on Flickr with this tag.  One of the reasons is me, I have taken this camera to more places trying to take more photos.  Trips to Disneyland, Great America, Six Flags Great America, and many bike rides.  The second reason is the camera shutter release setup, my default setting it to take photos continually when I press the button down. At 8 photos a second, I ended up taking a lot of photos.

Berry  Factory

I really love my Nikon D7500.  With a super high ISO setting it is fun to use at night and in the dark.  I've gotten lazy about shooting in auto all the time.  I really need to take more time to shoot with more manual settings.  

The expected shutter lifetime of a Nikon D7500 is 150000.  This means I should slow down with this camera.  I have started to use my Nikon D5100 when I'm riding my bike.  I need to use other cameras some of the time, but I still love my Nikon D7500.

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