Flickr Tag: Travel

Riding Alone

 I am not surprised that Travel it one of my biggest tags.  I have over 65000 photos tagged with Travel on flickr.  It is not that I am a person that travels a lot.  Now that I'm a parent, I might be traveling less.  When I get to travel now, I take as many photos as possible.  I even make extra time to take photos. 

Holiday Inn  

I want to take photos because this is how I remember thing.  Without photos I would not be able to remember when I did things or what they looked like.  Photography has really impacted my memory, maybe in a negative way.  

piano bike 

I don't know if my travel photography is more about the travel or the photography.  I want to take photos of things I cannot see here.  Take that to mean what you you will.  I what where this year will take me. 


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