One Line Coaster Reviews - California's Great America

April 1: About to go over - Number 91


Top Tier

RailBlazer - I love the moments when it feels like you are going to be thrown out of your seat.  

Gold Striker - Fast, airtime, and just a little rough; what more could I ask for?  

Top Gun - At almost 30 years old, it is still an amazing ride.

Enjoyable, would ride again

Patriot - It is enjoyable, but there is not much too it.

Demon - This is nostalgia ride, reminds me of the Arrow-Loopers of my youth.

Psycho Mouse - This might be the best wild mouse coaster, at least the best one around here. 

I got the credit, that was enough 

Grizzly - This coaster is boring and force less. 

Lucy's Crabbie Cabbies - Not a bad kiddie coaster, but not worth another ride


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