One Line Coaster Reviews - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Batman the Ride

I have rode most of the coasters at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  Flash: Vertical Velocity is closed for the season and I'm saving Sidewinder Safari for the next time I go with my son.  These are my short reviews of the other coasters there. 

Top Tier

Superman Ultimate Flight - Super intense and surprisingly fast.

Joker - Super smooth and lots of elements that make modern coasters fun.

Enjoyable, would ride again

Medusa - Enjoyable and puts a smile on my face. 

Batman The Ride - Lots of terror, but not that forceful. 

Cobra - A present and unremarkable family coaster. 

I got the credit, that was enough

Boomerang Coast to Coaster - Remember when people designed coasters putting a whole bunch of elements right after one another to just to make you sick, this is from that era.

Kong - Everything they say is true, it is a real headbanger.  

Roadrunner Express - God that crushed by shins. 



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