Results of my Bike Goals

16 Miles Per Hour

I finished my bike year on September 30, 2022 so onto my next bike year.  I will give myself a little time to figure out my goals for the next year.   I know that I want to Allant+ 8S 2000 miles before October 1 2023.  I feel that I should figure out more goals.

I ended up buying a new bike in October of 2021, because other other ebike was stolen in early October 2021.  I upgraded from a Class 1 ebike to a Class 3 ebike.  That gave me more speed and more range.  Let me put it this way, At high speed on my Class 1 Trek Lift +  I could go about 18 miles an hour for a 20-25 mile range. On my Class 3 I can go the same speed with a 45 mile range.  

I love my Allant+ 8S, except the phone holder broke.  One time my phone fell out and cracked.  I spent more money on a bike for the feature of having my phone work as the bike computer.



Goals and totals: 

  • 50 Card trips replaced by bike trips: 4/16/2022
  • Visit 100 locations when I'm replacing car trips.  4/27/2022 180 total
  • 52 bike trips on my new ebike.  5/17/2022
  • 100 Car trips replaced - This will be much harder.  I think there is a 50 present chance of this happening.  - Fell Short 95 Car trips replaced.
  • 1000 miles replaced car miles - This might happen because I've been going to the office once a week. That is a 20 mile round trip I could get up to 1000 in a few months.  - Fell Short 891 miles


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