2023 Music listening project.

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I was looking at the 2022 wrap from my YouTube music account and I know I am in a musical rut.  I have been thinking about ways to get out of my current music listening rut.  In 2022 I've been listening to the same songs over and over again, leaning on the YouTube Music algorithm generated playlists way too often.  I figure that I need to do a music listening project to correct this.

My idea is to do a listening project for the year of 2023.  I'm turning 51 in 2023 and that is my framing device.  Each week I am going to pick an album from a year, starting with 1972. The next week I'll go to the next year.  I'll listen to that album and pick songs from other that year and put them in a playlist.  The rules are one album per year and one album per musical act.  

I think I'll publish a list of the albums I decide to listen to.  Maybe I can write a short review for each 


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