Project 365 for 2022

2022 Project 365 

For the 12th year in a row I finished my 365 Project.  That means I took a photo everyday.  I took a few thousand photos total in 2022.  I have lost track of the total number I uploaded.  Lets just say it is higher than 80,000 photos.  That includes the scan from my mother's collection.  

January 11: Coffee Cup - Number 11 

My 365 Project is a driver for me to keep on top of my Flickr collection.  Flickr is my favorite place on the internet.  I like to take a lot of photos.  The 365 project keeps my eye sharp.  I'm often looking for photos that will say something about my day I can share. 

February 8: St. Joes Church - Number 39 

If you look at my 365 project you will see a story of my year.  Not the whole story, not the only story, but you can see a story of what happened in my year.  I like it because it shows me a window on myself.  I hope it shows others a story of my year. 


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