My flickr 2022

MyFlickrYear2022 by the numbers.

 Flickr finally sent out the 2022 stats.  I admire not just waiting until after the new year, but waiting until six weeks into the New Year to send out the stats.  It shows they are not just trying to cash in on social media buzz like the Spotify Wrap.  This seems like something from another time.  I am a writing about this on a personal blog, that might be why Flickr is perfect for me. 

I got just over 4 million views in 2022.  With over 4 hundred thousand public photos, that is really not that impressive.  If those views were over the seventy-ond thousand photos I uploaded it is still just 57 views a photo.

My most popular photo of 2022. 

Of Course one of my cat photos got the most most faved.  The internet is for cats.

Update: I found out many flickr users complained the stats were wrong.  Mine could very be wrong, these are things I really don't track.  I just find this amusing.   




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