My Flickr Year 2022

Black and White

 I feel like I have written this before, but Flickr has been come my way of journaling the world.  If I want to figure out what happened to me on a specific day, I'll go to Flickr.  It is a way for me to track the world around me.  It is strange, because I know there are things I just don't take photos of.  I don't take photos of them for several reasons.  I feel that dignity is important.  If I cannot give the subject of my photo dignity I know I should not take the picture.  This spreads from the guys that hang out at the corner store, people on the street, my co-workers, people in stores.  I guess I have a little hard time pointing my camera at people sometimes.  

The question I have is, will the things I don't take photos of fade from my memory.  Will I forget what the guys who hang out at the corner store look like?  That is something I should think about.  I didn't take a photo of my mother on my last visit to see her.  I still thing that was the right idea. 


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