I had a San Jose/Work/things From My Past dream this weekend. In the dream Ficomp had moved to San Jose. Ficomp was the last company I worked for before I left the Philadelphia area. Their new building in San Jose was only a few blocks from where I live now. My old boss invited me over to show me the new building. at the end of the tour of the new building my old boss showed me a room that they were looking to rent out as an apartment. It was on the second floor of the building. It was the only room on the second floor.

I learned that the controller from Ficomp would be my official landlord. He was the person I would give the rent checks to. The rent on this apartment was really low. It was half what I am paying now. It was a two bedroom apartment and larger what I am living in now. The one bed room had three sets of bunkbeds in it. It was a great looking apartment. The odd thing was that the apartment had no kitchen. The only way I could cook was to get a microwave.

I looked around the apartment and realized that I would be letting the people from Ficomp back into my life if I moved back into this apartment. I would have an outside entrance to my apartment, but I knew the people from Ficomp would always be in my apartment. My life would be attached to them again. That would be harder then moving to a new apartment.


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