Senseless Banter Updates

One week into my new web site pledge, I have been able to live up to it. I have published my web log five times in the last week. I have given people something to read just about everyday. It is good that I am doing something that I said I would do. I still have no idea if there is anyone reading this.

I also made some small updated to my other web pages. I updated my link page for the Bill Gates Fountain Of Dreams. I added a links page and a short bio to Senseless Banter. I also made some small layout changes almost all the pages of my web site.

I did not produce much new content to for the rest of my web site. I would really like to add more content to Senseless Banter. I just have not taking the time to site down and write. It seems like my web log is all I have time to work on. I need to take more time to just site and write.

I am looking for a good WYSIWYG web editor. I looking for a good program that handles HTML 4.0 tags. I know that I just just work in the code, but I really do not have any interest in that. I also need some good design ideas. Right now I have no good design ideas.

It you have any good ideas for any of these things, send me a line


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