Back Dating

The program that I use for this web log, Blog 5.0, allows me to back date entries. This means I can publish a few days of entries at the same time. I will admit that I back date entries a little. I think it is a good idea, but it is something that I could abuse. I am always taking notes for entries that I want to write. Sometimes I like the time that is needed to make the notes into something worth reading. I want to avoid abusing back dating entries.

I have decided to add back dating rules. I seem to want to keep to the rules I set for Senseless Banter. I know that no one is going to enforce the rules but me. They are still something worth trying. I think it is my pride that will have to enforce the rules.

Here are a crack at the rules I am going to try to live by.

1. When I am in San Jose, I can only back date an entry five days.
2. I will only back date and entry when I had the idea for the entry on that day.
3. I will take every attempt to write entries everyday I plan to write.
4. When I am on vacation I can back date all of those entries.
5. I will not back date before the last published entry.

It feel important for me to have these rules.


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