The Dark Side of the Good Guys

I am someone, like most of my friends that loves Star Wars. At work today we were talking about the Engineering of the Death Star. We were watching Star Wars in my cube. I noticed that the Millennium Falcon was pulled into a docking bay. The bay is on the Equator of the Death Star. The Millennium Falcon is pulled in on a 90 degree angle. Think about what this means. The Death Star is a series of floors from the North Pole to the South Pole. Think about the number of floors that place must have. I know it is a star ship the size of a moon. It is still odd to think they would build it that way.

I know that some people are saying right now that I am taking Star Wars too seriously. It is all in good fun. I think people could write some funny web sites on the Science of Star Wars. Check out what someone wrote about blowing up the second Death Star close to Endor. The whole idea that someone would write this site amuses me.


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