Different Feel to Layoffs

I have now been through two rounds of layoffs. This round of layoffs has a really different feel to it then the last round did. In the last round I felt that I was being played as a sucker. For a little while I felt as if it would have been better if I was laid off. This round feels a lot different.

In the April round of layoffs they destroyed my department. They laid off my boss and half my department. After the layoff they tried to pull me closer to the call center. At first they wanted me to spend half my time taking customer support calls. I felt like I was getting demoted. It was not really the job I wanted to do. I found someway to fight through that.

This time it is very different. I felt that I was kept because of my skills. I feel that I was kept because they see something in my that will be important in the future. I am proud that I survived. I feel like I have done something right. I know that I have the chance to hang in at TiVo. I know that I have the ability to stick around a lot longer if I given the change.

I guess the big difference is that I have a clearer idea of what is going on around me. I think that I can see what is motivating the people around me and around the company. I do not think I am going to be screwed by someone else. I will have to see what happens from this point forward. I have a good outlook, but things can always turn on me. I will have to see what happens.


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