Dreaming about real estate

On Saturday night I had an odd dream. In the dream I was talking with a man I work with Stephen. Stephen was working on his laptop like he always does. We were talking about housing in the bay area. He told me that I was not looking had enough. If I looked hard enough I could find a condo for $150,000. He told me to search on the internet.

I know this does not sound like an odd dream. The odd thing is that two bedroom condos in San Jose start at $300,000. In the real world people would laugh at the idea I could find an Condo at 150K. The problem is that 150K is really the most that I could afford. The dream was odd because it was so normal. I usually do not have these kinds of plan conversations in dreams.

Today I looked on the internet for Condos. I did find Condos for 150K. The problem is those condos are 70 miles away from where I work. I decided a long time ago that I do not want to commute more then an hour to work every day. I do not want to anything more then an hour is adding too much extra time to my day. Even if I am not doing anything else with that time, I do not want to be in my car.

I think I know why I was having this dream. I am currently paying $900 a month rent for a studio apartment. I have recently had three conversations about people buying houses. I know that my money is not working for me by renting. I am getting to the age when I should think about buying a house. I know that I should work toward this goal.

The problem is that I am so unready to own a house. I am bad at the way I spend my money. I actually refer to myself as being in Drunken Sailor mode when it comes to spending money. I know nothing about how to buy a house. I know nothing about what kinds of things I would be responsible for. I have nowhere near the money it would take for a down payment.

Maybe I need to start to live my life like I want to own a home someday.


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