Long week

This has been one of the longest weeks that I have had in recent memory. On Monday I knew that something was going down at week. I thought there was a chance that I might lose my job. On Tuesday I found out that I was going to keep my job, but I was not sure what the fallout of the layoff would be. On Wednesday I found out that my department might be done away with after the holiday. On Thursday I spent the day trying to figure out where my jog would be going. On Friday I tried to pick it all up again.

I am happy this week is over. Last night I was physically and mentally exhausted. It had been such a hard week I had nothing left when I got home. I feel asleep right after I got back to my apartment. I must have slept for 9 hours. I was so beat it felt good to just sink into my bed. I took such an emotional beating this week, it felt good to just surrender to my bed last night.

I am looking forward to Monday. It will give me the chance to sort everything out at work. It will give me a fresh start. I am hoping I can focus next week. On Friday I really could not focus at all. I seemed distracted by everything going on at work. I did not feel like getting any other work done. I am hoping to get some momentum next week. It will be hard to work if I cannot get going. I do not want the next couple of months to be that hard.


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