The Man Who Wasn't There

I went to see The Man Who Wasn't There today. It is the latest Coen Brothers movie. I like the Coen Brothers, but I am not a devoted fan. Of their movies I like Fargo and Miller's Crossing the most. Let that be a guide for the rest of my feeling on this movie.

There was something I saw in the preview for this movie. The trailer was cut with an intriguing series of images. It was the trailer and the Coen Brothers good name that made me want to see thing movie, nothing else. I wanted to see the images of this movie.

I really liked The Man Who Wasn't there. I cannot tell other people that this is a movie that they would like. There are moments in that movie that are just incredible. The movie it just amazing to look at. It is as visually interesting as any movie I have seen in a long time.

There are some problems with the story. The movie lays heavily on the narration provided by the protagonist. There are times in the movie when the story seems to be very thin. The story was boring at different parts during the movie. Sometimes they played things for laughs that did not need to be played for laughs. It was like they could not let us forget we were seeing a Coen Brothers movie.

My friends who like Coen Brothers movies will like The Man Who Wasn't There. I think it fits into what people like about the Coen Brothers. It was worth my money to see.


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