Playing Hermit

I played Hermit again today. I sat in my apartment and played computer games. I really did not want to take the time to do anything else. I did not even do a lot of the around the apartment things that I have been putting off. I just sat around and kept to myself.

I was thinking about something I heard on the radio. The news story was about primates. Being a hermit is a bad thing for higher order primates. Primates that do not groom, play with children, and socialize in the clan have shorter life spans. When food is tight or predators attack, the hermits are left out in the cold.

I wonder if my own hermit time will have a bad effect on my life span. There are times when I cannot find that connection between myself and other people. When I do not have that connection I feel really lonely. I wonder if there something wrong with me or if is something everyone feels. If that is the case I would rather be alone.


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