was in line at the airport when a man about my age who looks Indian was told he was selected for a random bag check. I looked at the guy and I did not believe that it was totally random.

This started me thinking about my own profile. I realized there are things that work for me and against me if you were trying to profile me as a terrorist. Here are the things you would see when you look at me on paper.

Risk Factors

Single Male
Age 24-34
Lives Alone
Traveling Alone

Positive Factors

Purchased Ticket more then 120 days in advance
Purchased with credit card in my name

I do not think I would ever be profiled as a terrorist. I think that a lot of people put stock only in that last tidbit. I do not I would think the next terrorist attack will come from people who we do not expect. It is just something to think about.


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