Another look at work

My friend Stephen, who I had a dream about a few weeks ago, showed me a web log he did from his first two weeks at TiVo. It is interesting to read. He talks mostly about how busy he is. He started to work a TiVo just weeks before the product was released. As long as I have known Stephen, he has worked 60 hour weeks. Those were the short weeks.

I wonder if anyone else I work with have web logs. This is a hard question to ask people. There seems to be a line between work lives and private lives. There are very few people who I have been able to step over that line with. You can find out things about people, but only in a work conversation way. I have no idea how to find this out about most of them. I tell a lot of people I have a web log, but most of the just look blankly at me.

Stephen comment was "I read a lot of your site. I always thought there was an awful lot going on in your head that you didn't share, and felt that you should have an outlet. Now I know that you do have an outlet, and it's good work. Reading about your perspective on the layoff was very interesting. You're right about a lot of things, particularly about how you're regarded.

The comment is interesting to me. The line about "awful lot going on in your head that you didn't share" really strikes me. This is a level of perception that I cannot gage. Most of the time I fell that I wear my life on my sleeve. I guess people can see me, but not see through me.


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