Back in San Jose

I have spent most of today with a travel hangover. It is like a regular hangover, except I did not have fun getting it. I am not in the mood to go over all the details of my flight back, but lets just say I am going to think twice before flying America West again. I got back to my apartment at 2 AM this morning. That was almost three hours after I expected to get back. This was after having to fly into the San Francisco Airport rather then San Jose like I was ticketed.

I spent most of my time today sleeping and laying around my apartment. I really did not have the drive to try to do anything else. I am so happy that I took today off. It would have been a mess if I had to go into the office. I know for next time, If I fly into town late it is best to take the next day off.

Now I have to go into the office tomorrow. I wish I could take another day off, but I have to go into the office sometime. The good thing is that I am looking at a two day week. I only have to survive tomorrow and Friday. I will be able to relax a bit more after that. I know that I was just on vacation, but it was not all that relaxing.


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