Fever Dreams

I have been fighting off a cold this week. That means that I have been having fever dream. I dream hard when I am sick. I usually have dreams that I cannot explain to anyone. They do not even make sense to me. I had more then one dream last night, but only one is worth writing about.

It was a Star Wars Dream. I was with the Rebellion. We had just taken over a Empire troop transport. People were still making plans how we were going to use it. I am not clear about what the plans might be. I know that it was huge victory that we had taken over the transport. A lot of people that I work with where on the transport. Most of the call center was part of the Rebellion. Someone said that we should use the transport to sneak onto the Death Star.

Everyone that I heard sounded so arrogant. It was like they were not taking the Empire seriously. This really turned me off. I went around to explore the ship. It had a lot of gear on it. There were ground transports, weapons, uniforms, and other types of gear. We had really struck gold with this transport. I decided to spend my time looking around the ship. There was this strange smell coming out of one of the rooms. I found that a lot of people were getting high on some kind of interstellar weed. I asked them if they thought it was a bad idea. They said no. I told them that the Empire might attack us at any time. They thought I was taking this a little too seriously. I left that room right away.

There were these pre-build houses on the ship. It was almost like housing for the Storm Troopers. I was climbing around on these houses. I walk on my hands in a lot of dreams. I was walking on the roofs of these houses on my hands. I was just jumping from rooftop to rooftop. While I was doing this there were people below me running around. I looked down to see that Storm Troopers had boarded the ship and started to take it back. I tried to decide what to do. I knew I was out numbered, so I decided to surrendered.

All of the sudden I was in Don's office. I was doing a handstand on a device. He told me that the device was a project his team was working on. It would take dreams and convert them straight into C code. He told me that I was making great faces during the dream. The rest of his team laughed when he said that. I had just woke up from the Star Wars dream into another dream. I walked around Don's office and asked him about the device.

A few minutes later woke out of the second dream. That was when I realized that it was all a dream and I was not in Don's office. The same thing happened me a couple more times last night. I would go from one dream and wake up in Don's office. It might have happened five or six times last night. It is a new level of fever dream for me.


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