Fools at work parties

I found an amusing article on what not to do at work parties. I found the article to be amusing. The long and short of the article is, be yourself but be the work version of yourself. I always find these things to be a little bit funny.

I have not done anything really embarrassing at a work party. We have had more then a few work parties at TiVo. Before TiVo, I never had the chance to make a fool of myself. All of my old jobs were cash bar places. I worked at one place that never severed liquor at business functions. Most of the other places did not have a party atmosphere.

I have been to more then one TiVo party. I have gotten tipsy at a couple of parties, but I have not gotten embarrassingly drunk. Most of the time I have to drive home, so I do not get the chance to drink too much. I am not the drinker I used to be. Even when I want to get drunk, it seems hard for me to loose control enough to really drink. There is part of me that thinks I am too old to drink like that anymore.

I sometimes have a dark side when I drink. If I find myself drinking for the wrong reasons, it can start to get ugly. The last time I remember getting this kind of ugly drunk was at my cousin's wedding. If I drink because no one is talking to me or I feel that I do not fit in, this is when I start to become an ugly. I basally drinking because of my own unhappiness. This is never a good thing.

There was a party, the DTV launch party where I found myself going down this road. I had started to drink at the party. I could not find any clique to hand out with at the party. TiVo can be really cliquish at times. I found myself being angry and drinking. I had to pull back because I was afraid what would happen. I have been known to tell people to "screw off" when I am this way. I know this could have hurt me.

I will have to remember the guidelines from this web site the next time I go to a TiVo party. I am going to miss the luncheon. I wonder when the next big TiVo party will be after this.


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