Layoff Routine

At the end of October my company had a layoff. A lot of people where let go that day, but some stayed longer. Their projects needed some time to be rapped up. It is hard to know who is staying and how is going. It is not something that a lot of people like to talk about.

We are still getting good-bye messages from people whose time has come. Those messages usually come at the middle and end of the month. We will be getting these messages for at least another month.

Today I realize I have a routine when I get one of these message. I go into my Handspring and change the persons information. I take out there extension and input what ever personal contact information they included with the message. I chance the company list from TiVo to ex-TiVo. I change the category from Work to Business. If I was on a first name basis with the person I send them a message. If I was close with the person I tell them we should do lunch sometime. I end by putting the message in a folder named ex-tivo.

It seems strange to me that I have a routine every time I get one of these message. At work today other people told me they have routines also. One person told me they say a prayer every time they get one. I know that I am at a company that has had two rounds of layoffs. I wonder if this is a normal thing to do. There are most likely people doing this all over America.


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