New Years Resolutions - # 1

I resolve to clean up and organize my apartment and keep it until the end of 2002.

I know this does not seem like much of a resolution, but most of you have not seen my apartment. My apartment currently falls under no less then three different categories of mess.

1. Clutter - Clutter is the physical manifestation of procrastination. We build up clutter because we do not want to deal with that physical object at that moment. We do not want to take the time to do the task that will organize it in our life.

2. Disorganization - I have not been very organized since I moved into this apartment. I have not build a system to deal with things like bank statements, CD cases, books, credit card receipts, and most other things I need to keep. I have had this problem ever since I left Portland. I think that I have had "I might leave this city at any time" attitude. This had kept me from doing things like buying furniture. I am not resolved to stay in San Jose and in this apartment for another year. This means I can go out and buy things like book cases and a dresser.

3. Pack Ratting - I received a Microwave as a gift last Christmas. I still have that box in my apartment. Maybe I should be keeping the boxes of everything I buy if I had someplace to store them. I live in a studio apartment. I think I should get rid of some of these boxes now. They are just filling up my apartment.

On top of these things my apartment could use a good cleaning also. I am set to work on these things in 2002. I have already started to plan on ways I can improve these things.


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