Rich Thomas' Personal Rules

From time to time I tell people that I have rules I live by. Most of the times the rules are just jokes. Rules like "never mess with guys you think might be connected to the mob." Some times the rules are more concrete. I have decided to compile these rules here on Sad Salvation. It will be a way to keep track of them.

Rich Thomas Personal Rule:
I am only allowed to buy gum at airports.

I am someone who loves to chew gum. I would chew it all the time if I let myself. There is a good feeling with having a huge wad of gum in mouth. I can just seem myself with Big League Chew stuffed in my face. It would not be good for my teeth or me. I have to have gum when I fly. It is the only way I can keep my ears from totally freaking out. If I do not chew gum in the air, my ears pop and clog to a degree that wrecks me for days. I know that I could chew sugAr free gum, but my mouth always feels funny when I have artificial sweetener in it. I would rather go without.


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