Thick with work

Today my head was thick with work. I could not let my mind wonder like usual. I had to keep it tight on work. Here are a few of the tidbits from my day.

I talked to a woman I work with. We were talking about Pittsburgh, her home town. She told me that Michael Chabon's Pittsburgh was not her Pittsburgh.

I got my merchandise from the TiVo Story Employee sale. I bought two TiVo lunch boxes, a coffee cut, and a clear remote. It is are one chance to have a discount for anything at work. They do not sell the product from the TiVo Store.

I had Rob Bass It Takes Two stuck in my head all day.

A woman I once had a crush on came back to visit the office today. There was nothing more then pleasant chatting.

I got a call from a customer who will not listen when I say I do not take customer calls anymore.

I was so focused at work, I cannot focus on writing now.


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