My work life resembles a quiz show.

The other day I was sitting in my cubical. A guy from another department walked up to me and asked me a question about installing a satellite dish. I would like to remind everyone that I have never installed a sat dish and I have never been trained to do it. The question is not because of a business reason either. He is installing the equipment in his house.

I answer his question off the top of my head. He gave me a blank look so I explained the answer. Explaining the answer is like double checking my work. As I give him the reasons, I get to think though my answer. I gave him the correct answer and he went away happy.

This happens over and over again at work. People from all different departments know that I am the product support guru. They come with me with questions about the product. Even if it does not have anything to do with supporting I still answer the question if I can. I feel like they come up and say, (in your best game show host voice) "to impress me and to keep your job answer this question..." There is something funny about this. I guess that is what my job is all about.


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