Summing up 2001

I spent New Year’s Eve 2001 Alone. I started the year by asking the desk clerk in my building out for coffee. She said yes, but nothing became of it. My love life when that way for the rest of the year. Went to Vegas for the first time. At least for the first time I have been anyplace other then the Airport. TiVo sent me to CES (Consumer Electronics Show). One of my goals in 2000 was to work hard enough for them to send me. I spent three nights in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. I worked the booth for the first two days of the show. I really liked working the trade show, but it was hard work. I swear the Los Vegas Convention Center has one of the hardest floors in the world. I really love gadgets, but none of the stuff there really excited me. I spent the late winter and early spring getting used to my new apartment. I was living in Downtown San Jose. I wanted to get the lay of the land. I started to go to this poetry open might night every once in a while. It was good some of the times. Too many of the poets were too caught up in political poetry. In April My brother Sean was in San Diego. He called me to visit him while he was down there. He thought San Jose was just north of LA. Despite the eight-hour drive, I still went down to see him. It was great to be with him for a little while. It has years since it has been just him and me. While I was in San Diego I got to see Both Gerry and Steve. Steve was trying to get me a job at his company. They said they would be looking for people when they got their next round of funding. That round of funding never came. The company was working without money for months. I am happy I did not go down there. I called my boss first thing Sunday Morning to ask to take Monday and Tuesday off. My boss said it was okay. I came back to the office to find they had almost sent out a search party to go look for me. My boss did not remember that I called him. The same week that I went to see Sean in San Diego, TiVo had layoffs. I remember sitting down at the company meeting and being extremely light hearted about it. By the end of the meeting my heart was in my throat. I was sad and afraid of loosing my job. I did not get laid off. My job did change and I felt like I was being played as a chump. It took me a few months before I was happy at work again. In the summer in played softball on TiVo’s softball team. Being one of the worst players. I always get the shaft. My greatest skill in softball is trash talking, so I do not get much respect. Chris came out to San Jose. I got a chance to see her for a day. I drove her about my city and we went to the Tech Museum. Gerry came up for two visits. Once over the summer he and Joanna came up. It was the first time I had ever gotten to meet Joanna. The three of us had dinner together. The other time Gerry came up to the Bay area to see a college professor from CMU. We started the End of Summer Party Web Log. I think that all the people that have used it really like it. I started my own web log after being shamed my Jeremy. I have had a good time doing it since then. Visited Jeremy in Chicago. It was the closet thing I had to a vacation this year. I went to Chicago to go to Jeff and Jen’s Wedding. It was great to see Jeremy and to see the life he has in Chicago. We had a second round of layoffs at TiVo. I kept my job this time also. The company will be going in a different direction. I did a little celebration dance when I found out it was not going to be me. I felt proud that I was still going to be around. I feel that I was picked for what I bring to the company. I do not know if I will be spared next time, but I need to work so I am. I purchased the domain for my web log. I want my web log to be good and to be something people want to read. Went back to Philadelphia to see my Family at Christmas. It was a good trip home. It was enough time for me to know that I am not done in San Jose yet. I think I still have to learn some things before I move back home. The whole thing with the Unnamed Woman happened. I spent New Year’s Eve 2002 alone.


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