It feels strange, but I am just about the only person posting to I might have to rethink my whole plan for the site. For now I think I can post something every other day there. If I had the time, I could post a review just about everyday there. I think that every other day will have to work for now. I would like to see more people post there. I want to get people interested. It seems like a hard thing to do.

I am finding that it takes more time to write a review. I have to have some pretty good ideas before I start writing. It is not enough for me to pick a movie or a song and let the words flow. I need to be mapped out before I start. If I don't have a good idea before hand I seem to end up not writing.

My other frustration is my writing. I am not sure that I am always getting to the ideas in my head. I have an idea that I have something worth writing about. I am not sure that I am sharing that special thing I see. I feel that my writing is falling short in places. I do not know how to make it better.


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