Travelogue - Tires

I went out and bought new front tires this weekend. My front tires were starting to look worn. Four of the last Five times I bought new tires, it was because one of my tires went flat. The last two times I had to change a tire on a highway. There are few things I hate more then changing a tire on the highway. My mind was full of all the stories of people getting hurt doing that.

The tires are a very important step. I need to make sure my car is in roadtrip shape. I would hate to be riding on a spare time when the next exit is 50 miles away. I am going to take a test trip this spring. I am going to take a road trip so I can see if my car can handle a long trip. I am going to drive up to Portland over Easter Weekend. I have a three day weekend. I can take a couple of days and just stretch that weekend. This will be the trip that will decide it my are is up to a further trip.

I know that waiting until April to decide if I want to take a trip in July might be a little late. This worries me a little bit. I wonder if it will be a problem for any of the people that I want to see. I feel that I have to take a trip to Portland. If I am driving, I really do not want to drive any sooner. I at least want to wait until March. I might as well wait for my three day weekend. I will have to see how this unfolds.


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