What are the 'Women and Children' of your life?

What are the 'Women and Children' of your life?

I was listening to the U2 song New York off their new album. There is a line in the song about hitting an iceberg. I was only half listening to the song, but it made me think about the question above.

I am not sure it is a fair question because I am not sure I understand it myself. If something terribly bad happened to you, what parts of yourself would you want to save? What parts would you let go down with the ship. I can already here that they would want to keep all of themselves. Most people do not want to lose parts of their lives, identities or personalities. The people on the Titanic did not want to loose there love ones, but some things you cannot save everything.

I am not even sure that you can loose parts of yourself in this way. If you can I really do not think you can choose. I think when things this bad happen; you get changed in ways you cannot control. We do not get to see these things a head of time to get the lifeboats away. I just wonder what people would pick if they could. Bad events are more often like car crashes when boats hitting icebergs. It is luck and seat belts that decide what survives.

I think I would try to hang onto my joy in self-expression and my sense of humor. I think I could survive anything if I have those two things. I think I could rebuild a life with those two things alone. It is a strange idea to think about.


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