Work and DSL

Today TiVo announced the next generation of hardware that we will be releasing. Because of some of the features of the new product I have decided to order DSL. There are some things that I will be able to take advantage of broadband access.

When I moved into my current apartment I subscribed to Digital Cable. I told people I did it because it would help me with my job. Some people laughed at me for that. I survived two rounds of layoffs they did not. I listened to my instincts then and I am going to listen to them again now. I just ordered DSL tonight.

For a long time I have resisted getting DSL. It seemed indulgent. I could not explain why I would be getting it. I have a reason why to get it, but I do not feel all that good about it. I feel that it is too expensive and can cause me to waste more time. I think it still important that I have it. I just wonder how long it will take before it is turned on.


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