Empty Mind

It is late on Saturday morning. I have been lying around my apartment all morning. I watched a little TV, surfed the net, and listened to music. I have not done anything constructive. I have not worked on any of my writing project, cleaned my apartment, or done any laundry. I have not done the things that I set aside for the weekend.

I am looking at my computer like it is a prison. I have to labor to come up with things to write. I have to work to just sit here at all. It should be easier then this. I should be happy to sit in front of my computer and wire. The problem is that I am not. It is not like there is some place else I would rather be. I just do not want to do anything. I have no motivation at all. I just want to wait for something better to happen. That is a bad way to look at things.

I know I will squeeze a couple of things out of my head today. I know I will be able to find the right way to write about them today. It is just hard to not want to write. It is hard not to want to do anything. I feel there should be a thousand things bumping around my head. I think I should have too many things to write about. Right now I am going to step back from my computer and think of things to write about. Maybe I will come up with something good.


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