Enron and Understanding

I drove around for an extra hour last night listening to NPR. My local station was playing a Special Episode of Marketplace, Blind Trust: What Enron Says About America. It was a good special about a complex story. It was worth me wasting an extra hour in the car.

When Enron first fell apart a lot of people thought the company feel apart just because of the business model. They thought that the company just had a bad business plan. Then people talked like everyone in the company was part of the scam to rip people off. Now people talk like only a few people defrauded the whole company. It is a little hard what to believe.

This episode of Marketplace does not retrace the steps of what happened. It is not an investigative report of the situation. It is more of a broad overview. They did not talk about the actions, but the ideas behind the actions. They compared the story of Enron to the stories of Icarus, The Emperor's New Clothes, Narcissus. It was creative to hear.

I wonder what people think about Enron. Who is to blame? I do not feel that I am to blame, but I bought into parts of the "new fundamentals." It is part of what lead me to move to San Jose. I think we should be happy Enron fell. If the economy did not have a down turn they might have been able to pull the whole thing off. That would be bad for everyone. I think people should listen to this special if they have the chance.


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